Get Work Done
from Anywhere

Track Work from A to Z

Whether you call them Checklists, Tasks or Todos, Zala makes it easy to Create, Assign and Complete Work on Projects. You can set Due Dates, Priorities, upload Attachments, track Time spent, set a Repeat schedule, post Comments and more!

Instant Messaging

Send messages directly to another person or quickly create a Project and rope everyone in.

Share Files

Share Photos, Audio Notes or Documents from your Desk or On-the-Go.
Download them from Anywhere, Anytime!

No Passwords

Your Phone number is your ID.
We Text/SMS you a secure 6 digit pass-code each time you login on a new device.

Your Data is Safe

Zala stores your data on our secure cloud servers. Your data is continuously backed up and instantly available across ALL your devices.

Works Offline

Flying intercontinental? Riding the subway? With Zala, you can continue working without an active Internet connection. Zala will synchronize automatically when reconnected.


Your data should never be more than a single Tap away and we are excited to be launching with support for all major platforms.

Zala at a Glance

Share Checklists

Create and share Checklists in real-time on any Project or conversation

1-on-1 & group Chat

Direct message anyone or create a Group and rope everyone in

Instant Search

Quickly and easily Search across all your conversations and Checklist items

Works Offline

No internet access? No Problem! Zala works offline too

Due Dates

Set and track when Checklist items are due


Receive notifications when someone messages you or assigns you on a Checklist

Files & Documents

Share files with your team and access them anywhere

Assign Users

Assign Checklist items to one or more people


Comment on Checklist items and keep your communications in one place


Add notes to Checklist items making sure your ideas are captured

Audio Notes

Can't type? Record and share audio notes with your team


Set Priorities to Checklist items and Sort them in any order


Never miss a Due date again, receive an automatic notification before a Checklist item is due

Export & Print

Easily export your Chat history or your Checklist items to Microsoft Excel

Read Receipts

Be informed when a receipient receives or reads a message


View a detailed History log of everything that happend